Monday, August 22, 2016

Verran Primary Zoo Trip 2016

IMG_0163.JPGWe are off to the zoo on the bus.         IMG_0164.JPGIMG_0223.JPG

Waiting on the gecko
     to go back
                       to school.

The Serval andIMG_0210.JPG  IMG_0202.JPG
The Cheetahs look very similar. They were very lazy today.

We liked the elephants.
They were quite busy.
We even had a ride on
an elephant.

The hippo is camouflaged by the mud.IMG_0209.JPG
IMG_0266.JPGAt first we couldn’t see him.

Where is that devil? Oh yes.
We can spy the Tasmanian Devil.


On the Savannah we saw the giraffes, the zebra,
the antelopes, an ostrich, and the rhino.   

The lions were relaxing in a sunny spot on their hill.


The gibbons were funny.
They had funny hairdo’s.
Two were having a fight.
One was using the hammock
to have a jump around.

Birds at the Zoo
We saw Lovebirds.
We saw Keas.
We saw Flamingos.
We saw a brown Kaka.
We saw a Takahe.
We saw Kiwis.

We saw a green gecko.
We saw tiny tortoises.

We saw meerkats on sentry duty.
We saw meerkats grooming each other.
We saw meerkats having a rest.
We went into the meerkat tunnels.
We were like meerkats.

Ringtailed LemursIMG_0241.JPG
Fraser was our Zoo Teacher.
We put on our Scientist glasses.
We looked for clues.
We counted how many lemurs.
There were seven.
We looked at what a Lemur does.IMG_0233.JPG
A Lemur likes to sunbathe.
A Lemur likes to Group Hug.
Sunbathe. Group Hug.
Sunbathe. Group Hug.
Sunbathe. Group Hug.
The girl Lemurs are in charge.

We looked at the orangutans outside.IMG_0250.JPG
They don’t have proper trees.
They wreck the trees if they have them.
Every day they make a new nest.
Every day they throw the nest away.
They like to be up high.
They like to eat lots of fruit and veges.
We looked at their bedroom.
It does not look like our bedrooms.

We made an orangutan nest for our teacher. Mrs Stringer had a rest.
Then Mrs Stringer threw the nest away. IMG_0255.JPGIMG_0258.JPG


Spencer Bear

Spencer Bear is our Class Bear.
We have a bear that comes home. IMG_0296.JPG
He has rather an extensive wardrobe plus a few nicknacks and a quilt. He comes home in a bag to make getting him home easy.
Mrs Stringer does take him home regularly and wash him. IMG_0380.JPG

We encourage children and/or adults to record something in his book. Sometimes it is just a simple comment,  but sometimes it is photos or children’s drawings. He sometimes has wild amazing adventures; but usually it is just normal family routines. He joins in with most class and school activities, and is well cared for IMG_0379.JPG
     wherever he is.

Practising the ladder run for Olympics day.

Maths in Room 8

In Room 8, Maths is a variety of play, focussed teaching, integrated activity, but most of all a fun and positive experience. IMG_0154.JPG

We do jigsaws, make towers, sort patterns,
sort equipment into sets, count sets of equipment, match domino patterns.

We work together in pairs, in small groups, and whole class, and we work on our own.IMG_0339.JPG

We are learning to count
and make sets to 10 or 20,
and to write numbers to 10 or 20,
and to make sequence patterns.
We record our games and activities in our books and on whiteboards.
We made fairy bread and cut into halves, and quarters and we ate it all up. IMG_0325.JPGIMG_0333.JPG
We know our shapes, and are comparing distances, lengths and spaces.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Welcome to Room 8 2016

Welcome to Room 8
Mrs Judi Stringer
Kia Ora Bula Vinaka
            Bon Jour    Guten Tag Aloha
Term Three 2016

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
If you have any concerns or questions, however small, please ask me before or after school.
School should be fun, promote learning, problem-solving, discovery and creativity,
and encourage confidence in oneself, and respect for others.

Book Bags These go home every night (except for the holidays) with a new book (and sometimes an extra book, set of cards, poetry card or book). Please return this every day as readers will not be sent home without a book bag. There may be school notices in the bag as well, so please check. Often the children will put their certificates, drawings or treasures in there. Please have a clean out every so often.
Homework Your child will already have read the book she/he brings home, in class. Home reading should be a positive experience and an opportunity to practice with confidence. If your child is having difficulty, read the book with him/her. When you sign the reading log, make a comment on what went well.
On Thursdays or Fridays (except the holidays) your child will bring home her/his Poetry Book. We will have read and performed this poem during the week, perhaps illustrating it or adding sound or actions. This book needs to be returned on Monday or Tuesday, so the next week’s poem can be put in.
Library Day is Thursday, so a book will come home that day and needs to be returned  by the following Thursday.
On occasion a published work folder will come home as well. This is just for looking at and discussion.

Brain Power We have a tray for water bottles in the classroom. Please, no juice or fizzy for in the classroom. Juice is okay for lunch. Your child needs to have a healthy snack food such as fresh fruit or raw veges, nuts or dried fruit, for playtime. If we have had a busy, active morning, we may stop for a snack earlier than playtime (which is not until 10:40).
Look Who’s Talking On Fridays I will roster who can bring a toy/photo/book/note* for sharing with the class. He/She will need to have had a little practice at home. *A note will have a very brief and simple outline of something interesting your child has done or seen, but has no item or object to display. The purpose of Look Who’s Talking is to practise speaking clearly, answer questions about their talk, and for the others to listen attentively and ask relevant questions. Please send these items in a named plastic bag.
Please don’t let the children bring toys on other days. They may be lost or broken.
Brimmed Hats are compulsory in Term 1 & 4. I would encourage children to wear gumboots on wet days and have slippers for in the classroom.
School Ready The children can come into the classroom from 8:30 am onwards. It is normally a busy time, ensuring children are becoming more confidently independent, making sensible decisions about where to put their belongings: school bag, book bag, library bag, drink bottle, coat and boots, etc. Praise your child for doing this on her/his own. He/she can then play with the equipment that is out on the tables, and you can say goodbye, knowing they are busy, happy and focussed. We will stop and be seated on the carpet by 8:55am. Any child arriving after that needs to collect a red card from the office as the register will have closed by then.

Topics this term:
This term our Inquiry topics are:
  • Cultural and Current Events
    • The Olympics and aspects of why and how teams operate and interact. Some information about Brazil.
    • Conservation Week 10-18 September
  • Science: Our Material World: Man & Natural Materials, Fabrics and Textiles.
Please name everything: hats, bottles, lunchboxes, shoes, socks, coats and jackets. There is a box in the cloakroom with a number of socks, in particular.

Rewards I have a reward system going with a sticker chart. Stickers are given for a variety of reasons: attentive listening, helpful classmate, effort in work, good skills in PE, etc. When a sticker chart is full your child will bring it home and start another. Points from this sticker chart are added to the House Points.

Handwriting It is really important that your child has lots of practice with “pen and paper”, pencils, crayons, felt pens. Your child needs to practise writing her/his name, letters, words, and numerals almost daily. I can give you a master sheet for letter formation if you need it.
We also need to be able to cut accurately. There are lots of opportunities to cut out at home: pictures out of the Real Estate or advertising papers, off grocery packets, etc.
Literacy As well as Reading and Writing, we spend a lot of time looking at, writing, sounding and talking about letters and sounds. FInd opportunities for you child to say what a word starts or ends with, what a letter looks like and sounds like, what letters are in their name.
Numeracy Our initial focus is always on identifying numbers, understanding the quantity that each number represents, and being able to sequence accurately. We will count forwards and back from any point to 20, and higher. We need to recognise shapes, use positional language, know days and the significance of the date and begin to join sets.
Spencer Bear I have a bear that comes home. He has rather an extensive wardrobe plus a few nicknacks and a quilt. He will be in a bag to make getting him home easy. I do take him home regularly and wash him. Please record something in his book. Keep it simple, but photos or drawings, and adult recording of children’s ideas are welcome. He doesn’t have to have any wild amazing adventures; just normal family routines would be great.

If you do not wish your child to participate
  • to participate in Easter or Christmas activities,  
  • to have photos taken and shown in our classroom or on the Room 8 web page, or blog
  • to have treats for special occasions,
you will need to let me know.

Buddy Reading

Buddy Reading
Room 8’s have Room 12’s come to read with them each week. The Room 8’s read some of their little books and sometimes the big nursery rhymes.
File_000.jpeg File_000.jpeg  File_000.jpeg
The Room 12’s read the little take home poems and sometimes an alphabet or number book and sometimes a Library book.
File_000.jpeg  File_000.jpeg  File_000.jpeg
Confidence for both the Room 8’s and Room 12’s is built.
Friendships are kindled.  And skills are practised.
  File_000.jpeg File_000.jpeg File_000.jpeg
Room 8’s look forward to the session as do the Room 12’s.